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Red-Eyes Black Dragon w/ Rework by ChromeJailer Red-Eyes Black Dragon w/ Rework :iconchromejailer:ChromeJailer 2 0 Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Test by ChromeJailer Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Test :iconchromejailer:ChromeJailer 3 0


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Red-Eyes Black Dragon w/ Rework
My first upload was Blue-Eyes so I thought it would be unfair to not upload Red-Eyes, or upload him any later than 2nd. So there is my take on Red-Eyes.

However, you might notice something different. Unlike Blue-Eyes, this isn't a straight up proxy. I felt that this beautiful dragon was treated poorly when he got released so I fixed some things that were unjustified.
So I changed a few things but in reality, I didn't really change much. You'll see what I mean below.

PS. There's a quite large text below so if actually take the time to read it all, you have my respect.

The first 'change' that I made was the name. In the English prints, his name was changed from "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" for no apparent reason. It might be a small thing but Blue-Eyes got his full name, why shorten Red-Eyes ? To this day, this still makes no sense to me. It wasn't a space problem as Blue-Eyes' name is even longer that Red-Eyes' name.

The second 'change' that I made was the flavor text . In the English prints, Red-Eyes' lore reads as follows: "A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack."
That's it. A generic half line piece of text that could be used on litereally any dragon, with 0 effort to describe this dragon and why it was so unique and elegant.
The text that I used is a translation of the Japanese flavor text. Still short, like all cards released at the time, but it does a great job describing the card, and has a much better sound to it. In my opnion, at least.

You might have also noticed that I put the word changes in quotations. That is because these weren't really changes. It was actually removing the changes done to the Englis prints and restoring the originals on the Japanese prints.

And now for the real change. I have 2 versions of Red-Eyes in the picture. The one on the left is the original, as made and printed in Japan back in 1999. But I also have a version on the right.
On the right picture, you can see all the changes done to the left one. with the addition of changing the level from 7 to 6.
And before you get furious from this change "because Red-Eyes was always level 7", there are actually some good reasons behind it.
If you still don't like it after reading what I think about it, remember, this isn't canon (and no matter how much I like this change, it will never be canon), it's just my take on Red-Eyes so you have 0 reasons to feel upset.

First of all, his stats are stats of a level 6 monster, not a level 7. Sure, at the time of it's release, the stats were stats of a level 7 stats alright. But even then, his stats were low to use. If you wanted to use a high level dragon, there was Blue-Eyes and Tri-Horned Dragon. Much stronger and more worth the 2 tributes. You had little reason to use Red-Eyes unless you really liked him. He was supposed to be the Rival of Blue-Eyes but Tri-Horned Dragon did a better job at this. Red-Eyes was just too weak. So I wanted to make him stronger.

I didn't want to change his ATK and/or DEF, I believe they fit him perfectly, and they had already grown on me as they are. I didn't want to give him an effect either. This guy was a vanilla, and was meant to be a vanilla. Also, being Vanilla is better than having a weak/bad effect. Too much risk to take. (Although I might make an alternative version of him with an effect at some point in the future)
So I thought of a different way to make him stronger.

What if he was level 6 instead of 7 ? He has strong stats for a level 6, and the card was meant to be strong. That way, he rivals Blue-Eyes not as power vs power. But power vs utility. Blue-Eyes is still stronger in 1v1 and nothing will change that. So you need a reason to Use Red-Eyes eventhough he has lower stats. By being level 6, his strength and the reason to use him are the fact that he only requires 1 tribute, as opposed to Blue-Eyes who requires 2. Besides, there are already quite a few monsters with his stats that are level 6 (Some also have effects) Examples are Amphibian Beast, Prime Material Dragon and Ryu Kokki.

In the 1999 movie, there was a quote describing Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes. A free translation would be "Blue-Eyes brings victory, while Red-Eyes brings potential." Originally, this refered to Meteor Black Dragon, which is a fusion of Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Meteor Dragon and has 3500 ATK (Thus the potential to become stronger than Blue-Eyes) But Blue-Eyes could fuse too, and his fusion, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, was even stronger with 4500 ATK. So he didn't really have that much more potential over Blue-Eyes. Requiring 1 tribute though, helps a ton with that. Even though he is weaker, you can summon him faster and easier. Sounds like a fine trade-off to me.

If enough people like it, I might upload the pictures seperately later as I'm actually quite proud of both versions.

Again, if you read up to this point, good job =]

Also, don't forget to leave a comment on what you think about it =]
Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Test
So I was planning to share some Yugioh cards. Some reworks, some completely custom, etc. But what good is sharing those if it's not done right ?
Therefore, I am making this test-post sharing the infamous Blue-Eyes White Dragon to see how it works out.

This one is using the Series 3 card layout, my second favorite right after the Series 2 layout.
If you see anything that is off, or anything that needs to be fixed, go ahead and point it out ; )

Full size available as a free download.


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ChromeJailer's Profile Picture
Hey. I'm Chrome. My favorite hair colour is purple.
I'm into lots of things. If I start uploading stuff in the near future, that's probably going to be either Bionicle MOCs or reworks of Yugioh Cards.
And if you want some info about the cards; the reworks are either closer resembling their Anime/Manga Effect and stats, or tweaking them to make them from useless to somewhat mediocre or even good. Usually sticking close to the original effect but there might be exceptions. Most of the times relative to the era of their release. I do not care about meta, and I do not intend to make competitive things. Just doing a little justice to the poor cards.
If you have any suggestions, go ahead and shoot me a message or leave a comment. I read everything.


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